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Favorite Authors

Claire Applewhite                     

Angie Fox

Susan McBride  

Judy Moresi                   

Joanna Campbell Slan          


Favorite sites for writers

St. Louis Sisters in Crime on Facebook

Write Pack Radio


Sisters in Crime International

Greater St. Louis Sisters in Crime

SinC Blog.


St. Louis Writers' Guild

I invite you to drop by the St. Louis SINC blog and visit me at "The Word from Fedora AMIS, Grammar Shamus."

Also, Pam DeVoe did a cool interview of me after Jack the Ripper in St. Louis came out.

Writing Tips from Fedora Amis



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Jack the Ripper in St. Louis
Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Science Fiction and Fantasy

Favorite Bookstores

Main Street Books, St. Charles, MO

Barnes and Noble , Chesterfield, MO

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